Watching the skies

In 2010 two costumes from the ‘lost’ sci-fi movie The Space Watch Murders surfaced on the internet. Created by Paramount Pictures in 1975 for the ABC television network in the US, the film seems to have first aired in late 1977. The costumes, which include a pair of pale orange overalls and the tunic below are thought to have been in the possession of a noted collector for over 25 years.

The ‘murders’ of the title occur aboard a spacecraft prior to it landing on a distant planet – with a single survivor. The cast included Sam Groom, Tisha Sterling, Joan Caulfield and Barbara Steele, who is known to have sported green make-up!

Since neither the movie or any stills from it are currently thought to exist, the costumes offer a tantalizing glimpse of how The Space Watch Murders looked.

The Space Watch Murders movie costume badge

The Space Watch Murders - costume badge detail

The Space Watch Murders movie costume

The Space Watch Murders - Tunic worn by Warren Vanders

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Rock music and iron flowers

In the mid 90s Steele appeared in Tief Oben (Deep Above), an unusual film by Austrian director Willi Hengstler.

Set in an Styrian mining town the film has a very stark, industrial quality and features an outlandish plot concerning the attempts of an immortal being to escape from an ancient box. To achieve this he enlists the help of a local rock band with unfortunate consequences for them and the town.

Seldom seen, Tief Oben has never had an official Video or DVD release. A soundtrack album was released in 1995 by production company Extrafilm however. The score features a mixture of orchestral and rock tracks by Hans Plarzgumer and Andreas Pümpel of alternative/rock band H.P.Zinker, with a single track by renowned composer Walter Werzowa.
Plarzgumer and further members of H.P.Zinker star as the band in the film.

The mysterious ‘iron-flower’ box from the movie can be seen depicted on the album cover.

You can read an interview with Willi Hengstler by Mike Haberfelner over at [re] search my trash.

Tief Oben CD artwork by Leszek Wisniewski

Tief Oben CD artwork by Leszek Wisniewski