A new release of I’ll lago di Satana (The She Beast) arrives on DVD next month courtesy of Dark Sky.
Prepared from rare vault materials the print promises to be the best this rather strange film has ever been seen.
As an added bonus the DVD will feature an exclusive commentary with producer Paul Maslansky and actors Ian Ogilvy and Barbara Steele.

The she beast is a little known, low budget first feature from British director Michael Reeves. Reeves made only three films in a career cut short by an accidental drug overdose in 1969. He is best remembered for his last feature, the 1968 film Witchfinder General.

Filmed in Yugoslavia, The She Beast features Barbara Steele in a cameo role, as a newly wed on honeymoon with husband played by Ian Oglvie. Steele’s character is possessed by a particularly grotesque witch and therefore seldom seen throughout most of the film. Steele does not play the witch!

The She Beast is currently available as a budget DVD from Alpha Video, which is also included in a number of DVD compilations. The print however is of poor quality and does not feature the widescreen Cinemascope of the original film. Nor does the cropped Alpha transfer use pan & scan methods to follow the action, therefore the DVD has strangely dis-embodied voices in some scenes, with the characters lost to the edges of the screen!

The She Beast is somewhat of a curiosity, mediocre at best and memorable for the wrong reasons. Fans of Ian Oglvie, Barbara Steele and Michael Reeves however will find the widescreen print and inclusion of the commentary track on this new release irresistible.

Go buy!

The She Beast will be released by Dark Sky DVD on April 28th 2009.