DVD label Midnight Choir are poised to launch a Barbara Steele double feature pairing two gothic horrors; An Angel for Satan and The Long Hair of Death. The former will be of particular interest to fans, An Angel for Satan has seldom been seen since its cinema debut in 1967. The disc offers the film with English subtitles, a world first.
By contrast The Long Hair of Death is relatively well know, though DVD releases outside of Europe have been decidedly poor.

Midnight Choir double feature

Legend house, the label behind Midnight Choir had themselves gained a reputation for poor quality releases. Though recent discs on Raunchy Tonk, another Legend label, appear to be of a higher standard.
Intriguingly a French/ Italian language disc of An Angel for Satan was released by label Seven last year – with an unofficial English subtitle track made available across the internet by a fan!

A number of DVDs featuring The Long Hair of Death are currently available. Most of these are unfortunately based on a disc released by US label Eclectic in 2005, which suffers from sub-standard picture and sound quality.
Two exceptions are a French/ Italian language disc from label Artus, and an English language disc from Raro, both of which offer marked improvement in picture quality, with the Artus disc regarded as the better of the two.

Midnight Choir offer The Long Hair of Death in non-anamorphic, letterboxed format. While An Angel for Satan receives anamorphic enhancement.
As a budget release DVD extras would seem unlikely, and to this author the sleeve artwork looks decidedly amateur.

The Midnight Choir disc will be relased on Feb 24th, with pre-order on Jan 30th 2009.