An unexpected treat, Giancarlo Cobelli’s off beat comedy Fermate il Mondo… Voglio Scendere! (Stop the World I want to get off!) makes it onto DVD.
Filmed in 1968 Cobelli’s film looks in on the occupants of a small apartment, who rejecting the evils of contemporary society favour a ‘nonconformist’ life style. Things get interesting when Ricky, played by Italian front man Lando Buzzanca, finds success on television as a ventriloquist and the group find their idealistic life style threatened by the lure of the very consumer society they have rejected.
Buzzanca will be a familiar face to viewers of 60s, 70s European cinema, where he often portrays macho, hedonistic characters. The cast also includes Barbara Steele, Paola Pitagora and Laura Betti.
Fermate il Mondo… Voglio Scendere! was written & directed by Cobelli from a play entitled “La caserma delle fate”. Celebrated in his native Italy for a long and distinguished career in theatrical and operatic direction, Cobelli also has many acting credits. Including one for Roger Vadim’s Barbarella, made in the same year – 1968.

A welcome release from Italian company General Video Recording, the provenance of the print is however unknown at this time. Nor is it known by the author whether the disc includes an English dub or subtitles.