Promising to go where no DVD has lingered before, Severin fllms has released a restored and remastered edition of Mario Caiano’s cult masterpiece Gli amanti d’oltretomba (Nightmare Castle). Long the subject of a staggering array of poor quality, often bootleg DVDs, this new release returns the film to its full 105 minutes running time and restores the striking black and white cinematography of Enzo Barboni.

Italian gothic horrors really don’t get much more fun than this – a tense and convuluted tale of treachery, torture and revenge. Played out against a haunting soundtrack from Ennio Moriconne, and featuring the ever sexy Barbara Steele in a dual role, both vamp and victim – with a blonde wig!
Extras on the disc include highly entertaining interviews with both Steele and director Caiano.

Choose a stormy night, pour a glass of wine, switch out the lights and enter the Nightmare Castle.

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