Fear not If you missed meeting Barbara Steele attending the Horror Hound convention in Indianapolis a few days ago, the dark diva is pencilled in to attend Creation Entertainment’s Weekend of Horrors in Los Angeles next month.

Weekend of Horrors

Weekend of Horrors poster

Over the weekend a host of horror celebrities including John Carpenter, Asia Argento and Lamberto Bava will discuss their films and careers, meet fans and sign autographs. Special movie panel discussions will feature too, including one in which Barbara Steele and Lamberto Bava will discuss La Maschera del demonio (‘Black Sunday’). Steele and Bava will also join special effects and makeup wizard Sergio Stivaletti for a group photo opportunity.
Stivaletti has contributed his talents to a number of the Italian horror genre’s most memorable films, including two of this authors favourites; Michele Soavi’s unforgettable Dellamorte Dellamore (‘Cemetery Man’) and Lamberto Bava’s Dèmoni (‘Demons’).
The weekend also features a Demons 25th Anniversary with Bobby Rhodes and Geretta Geretta from the film in attendance.

Weekend of Horrors 2011 takes place at the Marriott Hotel Los Angeles Airport, May 14 to 15. Barbara Steele will be appearing on the Saturday only. More information.

Imagimovies Festival

Imagi-movies Festival

For a chance to see Barbara on the big screen in Los Angeles this month, head on over to The Imagi-movies Festival at Laemmle’s music Hall 3, where Edward Plumb’s 2008 horror anthology, The Boneyard Collection will get a welcome screening. Steele appears in the films third segment entitled “Her Morbid Desires”. The other segments “Boogie With The Undead”, “The Devil’s Due At Midnight” and “Cry Of The Mummy” feature Forrest J. Ackerman, Brad Dourif, and Ken Foree.
The Imagi-movies Festival is the official film festival of Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine, and takes place
over April 8th to 10th.
The Boneyard Collection is listed on the schedule for Screen 2, Friday at 12:00. More information.