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The Butterfly Room, BIFFF, Stiges and DVD releases


After a short run at festivals, The Butterfly Room is finally available on DVD, with European discs and an imminent release from Anchor Bay UK. No news on a Stateside or Blu-ray release however…

Added by on January 21, 2014 in Barbara Steele, film & TV related news, DVD news, Events

The Mask of Satan, Mario Bava’s glam-gore masterpiece on Blu-ray and DVD

The dramatic poster for the US release of Black Sunday

For over a decade, DVD presentations of The Mask of Satan have opened the door to Mario Bava’s sinister world of revenge, sex and death. Since the Spring of 2013 however, two Blu-ray releases of this important film have been available for film fans to consider. So which of these is the definitive disc of Bava’s film?

Added by on January 2, 2014 in Barbara Steele, film & TV related news, DVD news

BFI season – Gothic: The Dark Heart of Film, brings Mario Bava’s The Mask of Satan back to UK cinemas

Barbara Steele suffers the effects of the Mask of Satan

Barbara Steele in a midnight movie screening to remember: Mario Bava’s glam-gore shocker, The Mask of Satan!

Added by on December 22, 2013 in Barbara Steele, film & TV related news, Film news
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